Payments: choose the payment method that best suits you

To make paying for your order as simple and flexible as possible, we support multiple different payment methods. You can make your choice at the end of the checkout process. This page contains an overview of the main methods, and also more detailed information and tips.

Important information and tips


You can pay by banktransfer online and also when buying at the Mad4One warehouse in Varese. As soon as you have carried out the payment please inform us per email so that we can speed up the preparation of the products ordered. When making your payment, please always provide your order number. After receiving your payment, we’ll dispatch your order as quickly as possible.

Vitalber s.a.s.di Marco Nicola Vitale & C.
Via Lazzaretto 21
21025 Comerio (VA)

Bank: Intesa Sanpaolo

IBAN: IT27B0306950720100000003149

Payment with credit card

Payment will be carried out through the secure Gateway of PAYPAL. ​It's also possible to use PayPal to make a payment even if you don’t have a PayPal account yourself.
PAYPAL offers the credit card payment service like any other bank.
When you confirm the order, our shop automatically transfers you to the PAYPAL site where you can choose the credit card you want to use or pay from your paypal account if you are a PAYPAL customer.
At the end of the procedure, the PAYPAL site takes you back to our shop and automatically reports us your payment.
To properly close the payment and order confirmation procedure, it is important that you do not close your computer or browser before returning to our shop. After each click, wait for function to finish correctly (don't make multiple clicks at the same time).
Please ensure your credit card limit, as well as your daily and monthly transaction limit, are sufficient, otherwise, your order will not be successful.

Some useful information if you use PayPal or credit cards

Sometimes there are security restrictions for overseas transactions. How can I get around this problem?

If your PAYPAL account is restricted, it means that you won’t be able to do certain things with your PAYPAL account, for example, sending money.

In this case:

- select the payment method "bank transfer" so that your order is correctly confirmed

- the system sends you automatically an email with all the data to make the transfer

- to be able to pay by credit card please send us an e-mail asking to enble you to pay by credit card or using your Paypal account

- embedded in our email there will be a 'Pay now' button, which is all you need to make the payment using the method you prefer.

If you have question do not hesitate to contact us: CONTACT