Mad4One ships worldwide

It’s vital that your order reaches you quickly and safely. As son as your order has been executed, our logistics partners ensure that your order is transported to you with utmost care. On this page, you will find extensive information on shipping and delivery.

The coverage is valid worldwide

With Mad4One your package is always insured. The insurance refers to the value of the material ordered and sent to you, including the transport cost you have paid us.

When is the insurance activated?

The insurance coverage is activated when the courier officially declares the loss of your package. As soon as we receive this declaration we replace the product that have been lost with one totally in compliance with your initial order.

Delivery Terms and other useful Information


The cost of transport depends on the courier you are going to choose when ordering.
In fact, it is you who decide who to entrust your package to, also based on your experiences and preferences.
Once you have selected the courier, the shop will show you how much you are going to pay.
This cost corresponds to the contribution we ask you for the delivery of your order.
The remaining part of the transport fee will be covered by us.

Delivery to non EU-countries: in this case the shop shows the product price without VAT. You have however to consider that customs duties and other fees may apply when importing the goods in your country.

EXAMPLE - delivery to Switzerland: the product price you pay us is without the Italian VAT (22 %), but when the parcel enters Switzerland you have to pay the swiss VAT (8,1%).

Each non EU-country has its own rules as regards import taxes, so if you would like to know if you have fees to pay for the import of your unicycle, please take contact with the local courier office (UPS, FEDEX, DHL). As follows the customs HS-code for a unicycle: 8712.00.

What is the HS-Code?
HS codes, accepted by the majority of nations around the world, are identification codes given to goods for use in international trade. The HS codes are administered by the World Customs Organization (WCO) and are internationally accepted for use by customs authorities and companies to identify goods.

A useful link for US customers : Harmonized Tariff Schedule (

As of 1.1.2024, there will no longer be any import duties for industrial products in Switzerland.

Important news for our Swiss customers.

From the beginning of 2024, there will no longer be any import duties for industrial products in Switzerland. This was decided by the Federal Council on February 2, 2022.
An amendment to the Customs Tariff Act abolishes import duties for all industrial products in the Swiss Customs Tariff. At the same time, the complex customs tariff for industrial products is simplified. The measures will make it easier to import industrial products from abroad.

To find out more, here is the link: Bundesrat beschliesst Aufhebung der Industriezölle per 1. Januar 2024 (

According to the Harmonized System (HS) Code, unicycles and unicycle parts fall under customs tariff 87 ... and are among the products covered by this new provision.

We track your parcel up to destination

As soon as the parcel is handed over to the courier we send you an email with the tracking number and the link to trace your parcel.

We inform the courier also about your telephone number and Email address.

We will trace your parcel up to destination. If you need information or support do not hesitate to contact us, we will be your interface with the courier until delivery is completed.

All our shipments are insured, so if unfortunately your package gets lost and the courier confirms it, we will immediately replace it free of charge.

How long will your shipment take to reach its destination?

Transit time may vary based on the destination postal code.

Actually we record the following average delivery time:

ITALY 1 working day
EU COUNTRIES 3-5 working days
EXTRA EU COUNTRIES 6-10 working days

This transit time is to be considered indicative and may be delayed during peak periods such as in the weeks before Christmas.

Return of goods

Please read paragr. 11 of our GSC.


Credit cards


Bank transfer

Excellent conditions for NON-European Citizens who purchase directly at our warehouse

It's a simple, safe and fast procedure and the Italian VAT (22%) will be credited back to you. Please click on the image for more infos about this procedure.

General rule valid for all your orders you receive by courier

What do I do if I the package is damaged?

When you receive goods delivered by courier we recommend that you proceed as follows.

Upon delivery, the courier will ask you to sign the courier delivery note to prove that he has delivered the package to the address or person who was to receive it.

Check that the number of packages matches that indicated on the shipping documents.

Check that the packaging is complete, undamaged, dry and unopened. Check that metal strapping and adhesive tapes have not been broken.

Any damage, or discrepancy in the number of packages or other details must be reported immediately to the courier making the delivery.

In these circumstances the goods should be accepted with reserve, writing “Accepted with reserve” on the courier’s delivery note only (and not on any other document).

This is a formula that indicates that you have received the package, but that something may have gone wrong.

The reserve allows you to check the contents at a later time, since the courier by law does not allow you to open the package until you have signed.

If you accept with reserve because there are visible damage, write the reason clearly on the bill: “Goods accepted with reserve because packing damaged, or packages missing etc.

Photograph the bill with your note and the package in the condition you received it.

This is a standard procedure, which applies to all your purchases received by courier regardless of the seller (whether domestic or foreign).

What does Mad4One in such cases?

If you then open the parcel and you see that the content has also been damaged, contact us immediately by sending us:

- photo of the package not yet opened

- photos of the damaged content

- copy of the courier delivery note you signed with the note "accepted with reserve".

We will immediately contact the courier and manage the case up to its closure keeping you constantly updated.

Pick-up at our warehouse

For the time being the pick up at our store of the product you purchased online may still take place but all safety measurements for the containment of the coronavirus pandemic have to be put in place.

Please contact us in advance in order to fix the appointment.

Delivery during events

We are excited to be back on the road and be present again at many events and championships that will take place in Europe. At our booth you will find all Mad4One new products together with our unicycles (that you can try) and parts, and you will get the technical support & service you need free of charge. We wait for you!