When you buy from Mad4One your unicycle is covered by the

Legal Warranty


Terms of Warranty

Are in accordance with Section 7. and 8. of the Terms & Conditions that we report below:

7. Warranty

The warranty period is in accordance with the provisions of law. If the Purchaser is a legal entity the warranty period is 1 year.

The warranty is granted to the original Purchaser only, and cannot be transferred to third parties. The Supplier guarantees the Product (in the shape originally sold to the Customer) to be free from defects in materials and workmanship.

The Supplier replaces the Product at no additional cost if the Product bends, cracks or breaks under normal riding conditions. "Normal riding conditions". Modifications of the Product, carried out by third parties, will void the warranty.

The warranty does not include damages to the Product that are caused by external forces and theft. The Customer is asked to read carefully the Installation Advice, written by the Supplier, which are available in the Supplier's website. Maintenance and Installation Manuals delivered by third parties or downloaded from other websites are not valid.

On receipt of the Product the Customer must check:

- that the number of items received corresponds to the number of items stated in the shipping document;

- that the packaging is intact and not altered, even in the closing tape. In case of tampering and/or breaks the Customer shall give notice of the event occurred by putting in the shipping document the following remark "riserva di controllo merce".
Furthermore, the Customer shall verify that the number of items received corresponds to the one ordered and that the Product has no visible defect. If items are missing and/or defects are present, the Customer shall give immediate written notice to the Supplier (with photos that highlight the problem), however not later than 7 (seven) days from receipt of the Product.

The Supplier shall evaluate how to proceed and shall decide to replace the product or to repair it. This will be done free of charge for the Customer.

As regards the Mad4One ISIS Flick Flock hub please read carefully the mounting instructions and the conditions governing the warranty of this product contained in the same document. Here is the link to the MOUNTING INSTRUCTIONS.

8. Liability

The supplier is liable without limitations in all cases of willful misconduct or gross negligence, due to fraudulent concealment of a defect, and in all other cases established by law.

Six steps to submit your warranty request:

1.  Contact us by e-mail by writing to marco.vitale@unaruota.com or by calling +393356042430 anticipating the problem.

2.  Send us a brief description of the problem by e-mail.

3.  If the defect is visible attach a photo, if the defect occurs while riding, send us a short video.

4.  Once we have verified and approved your request, we will send you a shipping label.

5.  Pack your unicycle or accessory securely and stick the return label on the package and hand it over to the currier.

6.  As soon as we have checked your unicycle or component, we will contact you to agree together how to proceed.

For every further information do not hesitate to contact us: CONTACT