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Price €12.61

Ideal for indoor /Freestyle. 
Great stiffness, high Grip. Ideal for those who love small pedals. 


Plastic body. 

Color: black.  

Size: 85 x 63 mm. 

Weight: 300 g. 

Price €10.92

The Pedal of small dimensions without Pins. 
For Freestyle and Flatland.
Using grip tape instead of pins, VPE-227P offers advanced features in a small-sized platform. 
This allows traction with any type of shoe, while offering better ground clearance and a gentler surface in the event of a pedal strike. 
VP’s new EPB (engineered polymer bearing) System replaces loose ball bearings with specially engineered polymer bearings. 
This system allows us to create a more simple, thinner, and lighter pedal for entry level OEM applications. 
Body: One-piece PP body inlaid Grip tread. 

Color: black. 

Size: 97 x 86 mm. 

Weight: 276 g. 

Price €12.61

Ideal for indoor/Freestyle. 

Body: One-piece PP,  inlaid TPE tread. 

Color: black. 

Size: 109 x 72 mm. 

Weight: 392 g. 

Price €26.89

The Runber-X is a unicycle pedal for indoor use. Ideal for Freestyle. The Runber–X features rounded rubberized corners to protect indoor surfaces and plastic pins for grip. The Runber-X is made of plastic and has a 9/16th thread spindle. 

Body: Plastic-rubber mix. 

Color: light grey.  

Size: 102 x 82 mm. 

Weight: 312 g. 

Price €21.51

The MKS-G6000 is the most used pedal in Hockey, Basket and Race. It is super strong and offers great grip. 

Plastic body. 

Color: black. 

Size: 96 x 87 mm. 

Weight: 340 g. 

Price €10.92

The perfect pair of flat pedals for Urban and Downhill. Ideal for everyday use and when you don't want to pay a fortune and just want to get the job done.
Made of a solid thermoplastic polymer, they have the standard 9/16" thread. It is a plastic pedal of high quality, with large sole, really robust, without metal-PIN. 

Body: One-piece black pp. 

Color: black. 

Size: 111 x 105 mm. 

Weight: 305 g. 

Price €17.65

The VP-Grind has versatile good looks and features a thin profile, durable Nylon body, and oversize inboard bearings. VP-Grind meets the needs of hardcore riders who want a slick and durable set of pedals, but also works great for anyone who would like a stable and comfortable platform. 

Nylon body. 

Color: black. 

Size: 111 x 105 mm. 

Weight: 380 g. 

Price €21.01

Grip-Surface, Security and Style. 
This light pedal is made of sturdy PP Material and offers best grip via non-slip profile. 

Body: PP.

Color: black. 

Size: 111 x 87 mm. 

Weight: 354 g. 

Price €36.13

Grippy. Lightweight. Strong.
Ideal for the Mountain Unicycling. Budget-friendly, but without compromise, the Mirage combines a durable glass-reinforced Nylon body with steel pins. 
The carefully-sculpted profile is thin, with a slight concave geometry. 
The pin positioning is designed to provide high-performance grip for aggressive riding. 

One-piece nylon body. 

Color: black. 

Size: 111 x 105 mm. 

Weight: 360 g. 

Price €44.54

Flat carbon pedals, stiff, anti-slip ultralight, ideal for Freeride, Mountain Unicycling (Downhill). 
Body: carbon fiber with 8 replaceable metal pins. 

Color: black. 

Size: 110 x 100 mm. 

Weight: 240 g. 

Price €79.83

Large-area, flat, super grippy, light - a real CNC machined masterpiece. Whether Urban or Downhill, the MAD-PRO pedals hold these every challenge was. 

Body: CNC machined aluminum. 

Color: black. 

Size: 106 x 96 mm. 

Weight: 406 g. 

Price €35.29

Metal pedals with removable pins. 
For Mountain Unicycling and Trial. 

Metal body. 

Color: black. 

Size: 99 x 104 mm. 

Weight: 510 g.