The 14 made in Italy colors, lead time

All products you find in our shop are available from stock. Choose whichever you see fit to your style. You can customize it in every part and therefore also in the price. The main customizations are related to the components such as saddle, braking system, rim, tire, pedal, etc. and then there is the color, too.
All our aluminum parts are anodized in Italy and we offer 14 different colors. Here are the lead times of the anodized components:


19”rims: all colors are in stock.
Other rim sizes: we have almost always all colors in stock, however, if the one you wish is currently not available, don’t worry it will take only 3 workings days for anodizing.


Colors with no surcharge are all in stock.
The colors with surcharge are customized Just in Time, that is, as soon as we receive your order, the anodizing process starts in the color of your choice and then we perform the laser marking. These steps take place in 5 max. 9 working days.


are not always in all 14 different colors in stock. If the color you wish is not available at the moment, we need 5 to max. 9 working days for anodizing and laser marking.


For colors with surcharge we need 5 to max. 9 working days for anodizing and laser marking.