We are proud of these results.

We are happy that our unicycles have helped these fantastic athletes to win and climp the highest podium in the world.

This has always been our goal.

This is the most beautiful reward.

Click here to know who they are.

And now let's enjoy a nice video of Florian Rabensteiner
Downhill World Champion.

Here another beautiful video.
Ben Soja, of the Mad4One Team, on the White Line, December 2017

"..... Ben Soja conquers the famous White Line in Sedona, Arizona, on his unicycle.  Watch him ride along this fascinating geological feature, then roll straight down the steep rock face, and finally make his way back to safety. Always on the edge, the line requires great control, focus, and mental strength. No mistakes allowed!...."

See first with your mind, then with your eyes,

and finally with your body.

Y. Munenori