20" Mountain unicycle

The first Mini-Mountain Unicycle with all features of a muni of high quality.
It takes the advantages of a bigger mountain unicycle and makes it accessible to young/short riders, before they grow a bit and graduate to the bigger wheel sizes.
With this mountain unicycle young riders learn how to control the unicycle with the disc brake. It is a completely different technique and it is important to learn it since the beginning.
The Mini Muni was born from the experience gained in the development of Mad4One mountain unicycles. It offers the right feeling at an affordable price.
The Mini Muni mounts the following tires: 20x2.60 and 20x2.80.

24" Mountain unicycle

The 24" is the largest size before moving to mountain unicycles for adults. 
It's an excellent choice for riders who are still growing physically - in height, weight, and strength. For these unicyclists, the 20" is too small, but it's too early for them to get on the 27.5".
The 24” wheel is lightweight, easy to ride, snappy and extremely fun, perfect for mountain unicycling and off-road. It is also an excellent "everyday unicycle" for riders of all sizes.
For the 24" Mad4One and URC unicycles, we recommend the following tires: 24x2.80 and 24x4.00.

26" Mountain unicycle

A 26” unicycle’s features are similar to those of the 24”, but the 26" is a bit heavier and a bit less agile.
A 26” is quick and fast in changes of speed and direction, but lighter than the 27.5" and the 29". With our 26" Mad4One mountain unicycle, World Champion unicyclist Florian Rabensteiner won the gold medal in DH and the silver medal in XC in 2014 at UNICON in Montreal, Canada.
For the Mad4One 26” frame, the tire options we offer are: 26x2.50, 26x3.00 and 26x4.00.
For the URC frame, we recommend 26x3.00 or 26x4.00.

27.5" Mountain unicycle

The 27.5” Mad4One mountain unicycle is the undisputed DH champion.
At least 6 of the top 10 riders in the male and female rankings of the last UNICON rode it.
Our WRC setup is a replica of the of 27.5" unicycle chosen by the World Champion Florian Rabensteiner. He rode this mountain unicycle at the World Championships in 2016 and 2018, when he won the title of World Champion in DH.

The Mad4One 27.5" is also the top of the range for Uphill and XC riding.
Both the URC and the Mad4One 27.5" are of high quality. They are stable, strong, fast, and extremely reliable mountain unicycles. These machines are suitable for an aggressive riding style.
The 27.5” wheel size is a compromise between the 26" and the 29". It is less nervous and faster than the 26", and more responsive than the 29".

On a Mad4One 27.5” mountain unicycle, we recommend the following tires: 27.5x2.40, x2.50, x2.60, x2.80, x3.00 and x3.80 (the 27.5x3.80 has an external diameter of roughly 780 mm or 30.7", which is similar to the 29x3.25 but wider).
For our URC model, using a 27.5x3.00 tire is recommended.

29" Mountain unicycle

The Mad4One 29" is a classic mountain unicycle for high-level competitions.
Multiple World Champion Florian Rabensteiner as well as many other top riders have chosen this muni for XC competitions. 
Using a 29" wheel makes overcoming obstacles and rough terrain easier, when compared to smaller wheels, because of the higher possible top speed. The 29" is a stable and fast wheel size, but it requires more physical strength to ride because the larger wheel makes for a taller total gear ratio.
For both our Mad4One and URC 29” Munis, we recommend the following tires: 29x2.20, x2.40, and x3.00 and for the URC: 29x2.20, x2.40, x3.00.