The MAD-Extension

The MAD-Extension is the Extension of the Handle Saddle to customize the length of your Handle Saddle and have the possibility to change the position of your hands.

It may be mounted on all 3 sizes of the Handle Saddle.

Two mounting systems are available:

the standard Mad4One Mount
The MAD-Extension lengthens the Handle Saddle in order to have a very long and extremely durable saddle. Handle Saddle and Extension are fixed together with adhesive tape.

the URSLI Mount
born from the great creativity of Markus Büchel and designed to offer the performances of the Handle Saddle in case you have a saddle with a plastic base and built in bolt inserts.

Why should I choose the combination "Handle Saddle & MAD-Extension"? 

Because it is the most stiff, light and absolutely versatile combination of saddle and Extension you may find today on the market.

May we mount the MAD-Extension on the traditional Mad4One Saddle? 

No, the MAD-Extension has been developed to lengthen the Mad4One Handle Saddle only.

May we mount the Ursli-Bar on all traditional saddles? 

The Ursli-Bar can be mounted on saddles with "Standard" plastic handle (below the exact position of the holes) and with built in bolt inserts.

To check the compatibility of your saddle with the Ursli-Bar please check first the position of the holes.

How much stiff and durable is the MAD-Extension? 

The Mad-Extensions have passed the Mad4One's stress test successfully.

Our "heavyweight" Francesco has tried everything, but the Mad-Extensions do not yield or bend!

May I ask for a different length? 

Sure! The MAD-Extension has a maximal length of 34 cm, but if you wish to have it shorter simply tell us how much ist has to be. We will cut it as per your request.