MAD-Freestyle vs Iron-Mad: comparison and main differences

The Macro-differences

Iron-Mad MAD-Freestyle
Steel alloy (CrMo-4130) Aluminium Alloy AA-6069-T6
Cheaper Lighter in weight
Hub 100 mm Hub 90 or 100 mm
Frame available in 2 colors: silver and grey Frame anodised in the 14 made in Italy colors

Where are they equal?


We could give you all the technical details (shapes, thicknesses, etc.) that prove this statement. Here we simply tell you that up to now we haven't seen a broken IRON-MAD or Power Square frame! However if you are interested to read more about our frames please read here: the MAD-frames.


of the material used. For the steel version we did not choose the commonly used steel alloy, we decided to build our frames with a quality steel, the CrMo-4130. The same happened with the aluminum version. The classic AL-6061-T6 was not enough. We decided for a more innovative aluminum alloy with higher properties, the AA-6069-T6.


in Stand-Up you must rely on a sufficiently wide and safe flat base, for a better feeling and balance (the foot must not slip off). The stand-up and coasting tricks will be then much easier for you. We have taken into consideration this important aspect also in the development of the Iron-Mad, that has been designed with a large crown and two drilled holes machined from solid (the MAD-Geko grip system), that offer great anti-slip grip. The starting point for the current version of the Iron-Mad and the Mad-Freestyle are all the successful experiences we have gathered and further improved since 2013, when we started developing our unicycles for freestyle. Many freestylers consider our MAD-Freestyles the best ever.


In all the 3 Setups of the Iron-Mad we offer 2 types of rims. In the standard set-up we have a 32mm single-wall aluminum rim with 36 spokes. With a small surcharge we mount the MAD-Round 32. The MAD-Round is the best option. It is super light and strong, resistant to any use of the wheel, even extremely intensive such as the ones related to flatland.