The Iron-Mad and the 3 Setups we propose:  BASIC, ELITE and EXPERT

The Iron-Mad Basic

The name already tells me it's for beginners, is that right?

YES. The Iron-Mad Basic is the right choice for those who already know how to ride a unicycle and now have decided to approach this specialty: the Freestyle. For this reason they do not want to spend too much at the beginning. They have still to try and understand if they really like this sport. In this phase the rider usually looks around and compares the various unicycles (in this case we are speaking of a steel unicycle for freestyle) that are offered on the market at a similar or equal price. With the following information we hope to help you make the right choice.

The difference between the Basic and the Elite is in the hub-cranks system.
The Basic mounts cotterless hub and cranks, and this explains its cheapness.


Because the cotterless hub-cranks-system is good but has limits. A the beginning you will not perceive them, but their limits will become progressively evident as soon as you improve. The shape of the square cranks is not suitable for tricks with the feet on the cranks. Furthermore, the choice of cotterless cranks is quite limited (few options in the length). This is valid for all the cotterless hub-cranks systems you find on the market.

And in terms of quality?

What we have said above in "where are they equal?" is valid here, too. The saddle and the tire are the same we mount on the TOP models.

But that’s not all. The lifespan of your Iron-Mad has no rivals. Even if in the future you decide to move to a freestyle in aluminum, you can easily resell your Iron-Mad. You won't have to worry if the one who's purchasing it is a big strong guy, or a little and light weight girl, your Iron-Mad won't have any problems. It’s super strong!

The white Mad4One tire is also of high quality. Expert riders and world champions appreciate this tire very much.

The Iron-Mad ELITE and EXPERT

What does the Elite have more than the Basic?

They ELITE stays in the middle between Basic and Expert.
The Elite differs from the Basic only in the hub-cranks system. On the Basic we mount the COTTERLESS system, on the Elite we mount the ISIS one and in the future you can easily upgrade it by mounting the MAD-Tecno cranks, which are the best.

What does the Elite lack compared to the Expert?

The difference between the Elite and the Expert is only in the cranks.
The Elite mounts aluminum ISIS cranks made from aluminum alloy AL-6061-T6.
The Expert mounts the Mad4One MAD-Tecno cranks, ISIS, made in AL7075-T6 (ERGAL), the strongest aluminum alloy.
Yes, that’s all! The rest is the same.

Let's sum-up the differences we have described above :

The differences between COTTERLESS and ISIS

Cheaper stronger
Hub 100mm Hub 90 or 100 mm
Not all trick can be performed * Suitable for performing all types of tricks
Reduced crank length range Wide crank length range

* the shape of the cotterless cranks is not suitable to tricks requiring the feet on the cranks.

BASIC - EXPERT - ELITE: the differences

Cheap = =
Hub 100mm = =
Frame made from Chromium-molybdenum steel alloy CrMo-4130 = =
Rim = =
Tire = =
Pedals = =
Cotterless hub Hub ISIS Hub ISIS
Cranks cotterless standard, steel, 89 or 100mm Cranks ISIS, Alu AL6061-T6 Unicycle Stuff, 89mm Cranks ISIS, Alu AL7075-T6 (ERGAL) MAD-Tecno 80 or 90mm
Price Price Price