How to remove the tire and the inner tube of your MAD-Freestyle

Please follow these simple steps

Deflate tire completely.
Even a small amount of air left in the tube can make it more difficult to get the tire off.
For best results press downward on wheel while deressing the valve.

Push one bead of tire toward rim center.
The tire bead will be pressed tight against rim.
Pushing it inwards loosens the bead from the rim.

Do this on the same side all around the diameter of the rim. 

This is the "KEY STEP". Do not forget it!

Engage one tire lever under bead of tire. Pull the lever towards spokes to lift bead off rim, and hook it to a spoke.
If it appears too difficult it means that the bead is no longer in theiddle of the rim. With the other hand push the bead of tire toward rim center. In this way the force acting on the lever will be much lower and you will succeed more easily.

Move over about 10 cm and insert a second lever. Pry it down and then slide it along the rim to release the tire. Hook also this second lever to a spoke. Check again that the tire is in the rim center.

Releave one lever from the spoke and slide it along the rim under the bead by moving it away from the other lever. Proceed moving forward up to remove tire completely from rim on the side you are working on.

Now you can take out the inner tube.

Now let’s move the rim tire completely away, using the lever.
We place it between the rim and the tire on the side that we have not yet worked on and we pry the lever outwards.
When the tire comes out of the rim, help it with your hand. TO REASSEMBLE ALL PARTS, let’s repeat all steps, paying attention to the „Key Point“ described above.