MAD-Freestyle 90 or 100: each of them made their choice

"Hi, my name is Katrine Jensen and I am former double World Champion in individual freestyle and X-style.
I ride Mad4One freestyle with a 100mm bearing pitch.
I find a wider bearing pitch better for most of the tricks i love to do, such as ww, st.up, hand riding, hand ww and so on, all tricks that have a centered balance while riding straight".
On the other hand, we have Ryan Olfers, also former World Champion in individual freestyle. Ryan prefers tricks with a less straight balance point, like spins, side ride and side saddle and a Mad4One freestyle with a 90mm bearing pitch. He says:
"my conclusion is that the more narrow the bearing pitch is, the easier does the unicycle turn. That can be an advantage or a disadvantage, depending on your riding style".
We hope you enjoy our video!  Ryan Olfers and Katrine Jensen, Denmark, January, 2019