The MAD-Freestyle - designed to be the best

The origin of the today's version

In 2013 we started with the development of our unicycle for Freestyle.
Over the years we have built various constructive versions: the first was the glued one. It was excellent in the performance but the costs were too high to pass to series prodution. With the glued MAD-Freestyle Kaito Soji became in 2014 World Champion in Pair Expert and Vice World Champion in Individual Expert at UNICON XVII.

The screw assembled version followed. It was even more valid from a structural point of view, but required a high-precision machining of all components for optimal assembly. With this unicycle Ryan Olfers becomes World Champion in individual Freestyle in 2016 at UNICON XVIII.

The PowerSquare frame project was born out of these experiences. We decided to use a high quality aluminum alloy, the AA6069-T6, an innovative alloy for the unicycle world. So we designed our own tubes, which are extruded since 2016 according to the Mad4One drawings. This was a very important decision also from an economic point of view, but, no doubt, it was the right choice.
In the PowerSquare frame we have introduced the shapes, the sizes and the reinforcements developed in the previous versions.

The versions now available

Ihe PowerSquare frame is available in 4 versions:

► Freestyle 90

► Freestyle 100

► Flatland 100

► Race 87