Mad4One was the brand name coined by Marco Vitale (founder of the company Vitalber s.a.s.) for his original products in 2007, when he  started designing and manufacturing specialty components intended for high-level, competition unicycles.

The Company, which is the latest born among the manufacturers of competition unicycles, has developed until now 2 complete lines of unicycles from 16" to 29", and unicycle frames from 16” to 36".

We have therefore:

the Aluminum Product Line

AL-7005-T6 and AL-6069-T6

the Steel Product Line

chromium molybdenum steel alloy CrMo-4130

Both product lines offer high-quality unicycles with the best value for money. Here you find high-end solutions for Freestyle, Mountain Unicycling, Urban, Road and Distance, Race, Hockey, and Basketball, and for all age groups and skills.

When we talk about high quality, we are talking about the way we have designed our products and the materials of superior quality we’ve decided to use for our frames, hubs, cranks and handle saddles.
Quality is also the result of the attention we have always paid to the choice of all components such as tires, pedals, disc brake systems, rims, all carefully evaluated and chosen because considered a valid choice for a specific use and style of riding.

Speaking about the URC family, Vitale says:

"These unicycles are designed with a larger audience in mind. We closely studied the balance between quality and price to be able to provide this new option. Throughout this entire venture, our approach has not changed. We strive to offer unicycles and parts that rise among the best in their category. Here, you will find the same flexibility you know from our Mad4One unicycles. We know that having the appropriate tool is the first step for aspiring athletes to achieve their goals. This is the spirit that launched URC".

Want to learn more about how Marco and his team designed the MAD-frames, and the reasons for their design choices?

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