Our Experts are at your disposal at any time,
and if you need any repairs we are there for you. 

No matter the issue with your unicycle, we’ll do our best to get it sorted.

Meet us at various international events around Europe

The coronavirus outbreak has forced difficult decisions for the sports-event industry. Nearly every major sporting event has been canceled, moved or postponed, the same happened and is still happening in the unicycle world. We strongly hope that in 2022 situation will get back to normal and competitions and events will take place again.

As done in the past we will be present at many international unicycle championships around Europe, where you can try out our unicycles. At these events we always bring along a range of models specially selected for the specialties performed and more.

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Unicycle Check-Up, Servicing an Repairs

At the various events we provide all competitors with our Check-Up and Maintenance service. This service is offered free of charge.

During the inspection If you deem it necessary to replace defective parts or you ask us to repair something, you will pay only for the spare parts needed, also in this case all labor costs are FREE OF CHARGE.

Get your unicycle repaired at place, by our mechanics. With their decades of experience – no matter the issue with your unicycle, we’ll get it sorted.

Whatever you want help with, we are there for you ready to deliver our range of services:

• Major and minor repairs
• Unicycle maintenance
• Providing standard Engineered Parts

The fastest way to get your unicycle fixed and be ready for your next competition.
We look forward to welcoming you.

Have you in mind to buy a second wheel assembly or do you need to replace the one mounted on your unicycle?

We started in 2007 designing and manufacturing specialty components intended for high-level, competitive unicycling and have developed a high level of technical expertise also in wheel building. All the wheels mounted on our unicycles or sold as parts are hand built by us in Italy with quality components.

Are you looking for a 32" unicycle?

We build it for you as we did in 2018 for Mjriam Lips. Mjriam wanted a geared Mad4One 32” to train and break the 100 km world record. We did it.

She delivered us the Schlumpf hub, as well as rim, spokes and tire. We handcrafted the wheel, mounted the Mad4One aluminum frame, size L, the MADTecno 2 holes 110-130mm cranks, the Mad4One XXL seatpost and the Mad4One HandleSaddle size L. Before delivery we tested the 32" here in Varese with Mirjam and then her training did start.

Mjriam took on the 100km track world record on September 19th, 2020 at the military airport in Emmen near Luzern, Switzerland. She completed the 20 laps of the track in 3 hours, 45 minutes and 53 seconds. She has not only beaten her previous world record, she is now also very close to the male world record!

And what does Mad4One offer in the 36-inch size?

Here we offer the same service we deliver for the 32”.

You can buy our SONIC BANG 36, the Mad4One aluminum 36-inch frame, cranks, seatpost, clamp and you deliver us all other components to built the wheel. We shall do it according to your spec.

Take a look also to the SONIC BANG 36 BUNDLE. All components included in this Bundle are of quality and offered at a very interesting price.