If you’re new to unicycling, fixing your unicycle probably seems daunting. Rather than tinkering about yourself and making an even bigger mess, you’d probably just leave the whole thing to the pros, right?

We cannot say we blame you. However there are some simple checks and replacements that you should be able to do on your own, such as:

  • replacement of the inner tube
  • replacement of the tire
  • tire inflation
  • replacement of brake pads
  • change and/or adjustment of parts such as saddle, pedals etc.
  • Unicycle maintenance: greasing and lubricating

Of course you can't do without tools. For sure you will already have some of the essential tools already at home in your toolbox:

  • Side cutter
  • Phillips screwdriver
  • Slotted screwdriver
  • Hammer
  • Cable tie
  • Gloves

In addition you need a few specific tools:

  • pedal wrench
  • tire levers
  • air pump compatible with your tube valve
  • spoke key
  • crank extractor
  • Set of allen keys

You need to be able to tell if something’s wrong with your unicycle in the first place. there are parts that are more subject to wear than others and it’s important to have them on hand in the workshop or even better with us during our tour.

In addition to the essential tools listed above, let's try to compile a list of what spares you should have in your box in case it is needed. We would recommend:

  • Inner tube
  • Tire
  • Spokes
  • Brake pads
  • Bearings

In the category   Components 

you will find all Unicycle Parts and Tools for Maintenance we can provide you with.

For pedals, the first order of business is checking if they’re cracked or worn smooth. Test for grip by placing your foot (with shoe) on the pedal, and try sliding it back and forth while pushing down to simulate pedaling. You should feel the pedal ‘biting’ into the shoe, and offering a good grip. Last but not least check if they are well tightened or if there’s any play.