How to use the Mad4One Flick Flock ISIS Hub

1.   Switch drive rod

2.   M12 screw for ISIS cranks

3.   Switch button

4.   Small internal tightening screw

To switch we must first take the pressure off the pedals.

To change from Fixed to Freewheel, you have to press the right switch button, start pedaling without applying pressure on the pedals and imagining that you are already in freewheel mode.
Some practice must be done to get the right co-ordination between pedaling and the moment to hit the button with the heel.

Without pressure on the pedals, the switch from fixed mode to freewheel is quick and smooth.

To switch from freewheel to fixed mode, you must press the LEFT button.
You can only complete the transition (from one to the other mode), if the wheel is in movement and the cranks are at standstill or, if the wheel is at standstill you have to press on the left button while rotating the cranks at the same time.
This is because the switching to fixed wheel involves six possible positions, and only once the internal alignment of the parts has been achieved the wheel can be locked.

We recommend some manual practice, NOT in the saddle.