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2023 -  International Unicycle Conventions and Championships

EC Unicycling 2023
Unicycle Open European Championship

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July 16 - 25th, 2023


Track: 100m, 400m, 800m, One Foot, Wheel Walk, and IUF Slalom, Track Coasting, Relay (4x100m)
Mountain Unicycling: Cross Country (XC), Downhill (DH)
Road Races: 10k and Marathon

Freestyle: Individual, Pairs, Small Group, Large Group

Jump: High Jump over the bar, Long Jump



Liberec, Czech Republic

EUC Summer 2023
Extreme European Unicycle Championship

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July 26 - 30th, 2023




High Jump on Platform
Long Jump on Platform

Marchtrenk, Austria

2024 -  International Unicycle Conventions and Championships

The World Unicycling Convention and Championships

July 14 - 26th, 2024


Bemidji, Minnesota, United States

What does the IUF for the unicycling community?

The IUF, International Unicycling Association, helps the National Unicycle Associations to organise and promote the practise of all unicycle disciplines, from leisure activities to high-level international events and championships.

The main tasks of the IUF are running the rulebook committee, developing the IUF software tools, hunting for possible upcoming Unicon hosts, negotiating with them to secure a good level of organization for all of you, listening to the different interest of all unicycling nations / streaming’s, developing our sport in other countries and many more small things that come around the corner.

These activities are carried out by volonteers. They all are busy individuals who do this in their spare time between family and work commitments. There is always plenty work to be done, for what the IUF needs more hands, clever heads and understanding of community needs.

Let's read the IUF President's communication dtd. Dec. 2022:

What do you find on the IUF website?

The Unicycle Calendar with all events around the world

The UNICON's Results since 1984