Our goal is to provide fully customizable options for our customers.

For each component we always try to give you different options, all of them of quality. 
Choose whichever you see fit to your style and budget.

We build your unicycle following your choices as regards components and colors.

Should the rim be with lightening holes or reinforced? Yellow or green or red? You have 14 colors at your disposal. No problem, we build it by hand with 4-cross pattern and with the components you have chosen.

We can say that every unicycle we deliver is somewhat unique.

That's why you will never find unicycles in our warehouse already in boxes ready to be shipped.

Currently, due to the high demand, our production time for complete unicycles is 2 working weeks from the date of order.


On October 20, 2022, we installed a laser marking machine at our facility.

This finishing, which covers components such as frames, cranks, clamps and hubs, was carried out until now by one of our external partners. From the end of October 2022 it will be done by us in-house.

The goal of this investment is to guarantee customers ever greater flexibility and to reduce our production time wherever possible.

Here's what happens after you order

After receiving your order, we creates the worksheet with all the components you have chosen in the colors you have defined.

When necessary we proceed with anodizing and afterwards with laser marking.

As soon as all components are available we build the wheel, mount all parts, check that everything works perfectly and take some pictures of the unicycle before disassembling and packing it.

We track your parcel up to destination

As soon as the parcel is handed over to the courier we send you an email with the tracking number and the link to trace your parcel.

We inform the courier also about your telephone number and Email address.

We will trace your parcel up to destination. If you need information or support do not hesitate to contact us, we will be your interface with the courier until delivery is completed.

All our shipments are insured, so if unfortunately your package gets lost and the courier confirms it, we will immediately replace it free of charge.


The cost of transport depends on the courier you are going to choose when ordering.
In fact, it is you who decide who to entrust your package to, also based on your experiences and preferences.
Once you have selected the courier, the shop will show you how much you are going to pay.
This cost corresponds to the contribution we ask you for the delivery of your order.
The remaining part of the transport fee will be covered by us.

Delivery to non EU-countries: in this case the shop shows the product price without VAT. You have however to consider that customs duties and other fees may apply when importing the goods in your country.

EXAMPLE - delivery to Switzerland: the product price you pay us is without the Italian VAT (22 %), but when the parcel enters Switzerland you have to pay the swiss VAT (8,1%).

As of 1.1.2024, there will no longer be any import duties for industrial products in Switzerland.

Important news for our Swiss customers.

From the beginning of 2024, there will no longer be any import duties for industrial products in Switzerland. This was decided by the Federal Council on February 2, 2022.
An amendment to the Customs Tariff Act abolishes import duties for all industrial products in the Swiss Customs Tariff. At the same time, the complex customs tariff for industrial products is simplified. The measures will make it easier to import industrial products from abroad.

To find out more, here is the link:Bundesrat beschliesst Aufhebung der Industriezölle per 1. Januar 2024 (

According to the Harmonized System (HS) Code, unicycles and unicycle parts fall under customs tariff 87 ... and are among the products covered by this new provision.

Average delivery time

Italy: 1 working day

EU-Countries:   3-5 working days

Extra EU-Countries:   6-10 working days

This transit time is to be considered indicative and may be delayed during peak periods such as in the weeks before Christmas.