It's the first time we inflate the tire of our unicycle

Few simple steps to do it in the right way

While the majority of you will almost certainly know how to inflate the tyres on your bike, it’s another of those simple tasks, like changing an inner tube that can seem pretty confusing to a beginner. The unicycle tire is shipped flat for safety reasons, especially if sent by plane. When you take the wheel comes out of the box it might look like this:

You must put the tire in the right position before you start inflating the wheel. Pay attention to the position of the valve, it must be perpendicular to the rim.



Once the valve is correctly positioned and the tire placed on the rim pump up the tyre, keeping an eye on the pump’s pressure gauge, and make sure you inflate it up to about 0.6 bar (0 PSI).

At this point, check the tire over its entire circumference to be sure it’s correctly placed on both sides.

We keep the position under control, the tire must always be well centred on the rim, the reference line that almost all tires have on the whole circumference is a good help to centre the tire on the rim.



This check must be carried out during the whole tire inflation phase.

For this reason we recommend that you proceed calmly and carefully and check the position of the tire every 0.5 bar (7 PSI).

After having reached the maximum pressure given by the tire manufacturer, place the tire in the correct position and decrease the pressure according to your needs and weight.

The internal space of the single wall rims (inner width of the rim) is large and the inner tube uses this place when inflated.

With single wall rims it’s quite common that, if the tire isn’t positioned correctly, the inner tube expands and pushes the tire out of the rim.

If you do not notice it immediately the next “bang” will tell you that it’s time to buy a new inner tube. So be careful and do this very calmly.