The Mad4One and URC Mountain Unicycles

FAT, URC Montagna and WRC Replica

How do these setups differ?


Are you looking for a stronger mountain unicycle than the Mad4One? Here’s the MONTAGNA. Yes, this mountain unicycle is in fact a Mad4One Muni in all its components, but with a frame made from alloyed steel Cr-Mo-4130. MONTAGNA is a setup that we propose only for the URC line in the wheel size 26”, 27.5” and 29”.This unicycle already includes the best options as regards hub (Mad4One Disc ISIS), cranks (ISIS MAD-Tecno 2 or 3 holes), rim (reinforced) and tire, but it mounts the URC frame made from Cr-Mo 4130 chromium-molybdenum steel, one of the best steel alloy available today, which offers higher load resistance, lower specific weight and better tensile strength than common steels often called "High Tensile".


WRC stands for World Champion. This setup is available only for the aluminum (Mad4One) mountain unicycles. It is a replica of the 27.5" Mad4One muni that Florian Rabensteiner, the undisputed Muni world champion, used in DH competitions at UNICON 2016 and 2018. The WRC Replica differs from the Florian’s muni only in the saddle. While, for XC, Florian prefers the Mad4One 29” with the Mad4One Handle Saddle, in DH he uses his Mad4One 27.5" with a custom, home-made saddle in carbon without cushion.


FAT tires x 3.8 - x 4.00 or wider offer better grip and greater absorption of small obstacles, however they are heavier to push and above all less agile. They often show auto-steering phenomena, or if you ride on uneven ground they tend to follow the shape of the terrain. To go straight, the rider must force the pedaling to maintain the desired direction.
We have chosen a compromise with a 46 mm wide standard rim that offers a good adjustment of the tire pressure while keeping a round section that limits unwanted effects. It should be considered that on the unicycle the rider's weight is entirely on a single tire and consequently the pressure must be greater than on bicycles.