24" Mountain Unicycle Mad4One Tecno Fat - ISIS Flick Flock *Required step

Freewheel & Traditional Riding in One Wheel. 

The Flick Flock hub opens up the possibility of unicycling on long off-road tracks as well as technical mountain trails, using it in fixed mode on the most challenging path sections and switching to freewheel when the trail becomes smoother, offering the chance to enjoy long and pleasant descents while your legs have time to recover.

Frame made from aluminum alloy AL-7005-T6, International Standard (IS) disk caliper mount on both legs and double hydraulic brake hose guide, XXL seatpost, traditional saddle or Handle Saddle, Mad4One ISIS Flick Flock hub and ISIS cranks. You can choose the standard configuration we propose, or basically change everything from color to components. Click the product to view the product technical details and useful information and tips.








The mountain calls. This is where you go to get away from it all. From steep, technical trails to fast and flowy single track. Our full high-end collection of mountain unicycles has just what you need. Choose the perfect mountain unicycle and get ready to hit the trails.

What is the Mad4One Flick Flock Mountain Unicycle?

It's the Mad4One's high-end unicycle that mounts the Flick Flock hub, a standard ISIS hub, designed and manufactured by Mad4One, with a button on the central axis that lets you switch from normal fixed gear 1:1 to freewheel.

The pure Freewheel is a tool that increases the difficulty of riding a unicycle. It stimulates the abilities of the best in overcoming new difficulties, where they can show great technical skills both on smooth and difficult sections.

 For many riders, however, the pure Freewheel has also limits and is therefore seldom used on long unicycle routes. Also, the Freewheel can struggle on too technical sections.

The Flick Flock hub opens up the possibility of unicycling on these types of off-road tracks, using it in fixed mode on the most challenging path sections and switching to freewheel when the trail becomes smoother, offering the chance to enjoy long and pleasant descents while your legs have time to recover.

Freewheel & Traditional Riding in One Wheel

A step towards the Future



The round-shaped Mad4One frames are made from a superior aluminum alloy, the AL7005-T6, which offers higher load and fatigue resistance. In the design we paid great attention to the geometries and the sizing of all tubes. One of the most stressed area of the frame is the spot where the disc brake is fastened to the legs. Here the thickness and shape of the disc brake mounting tabs, the quality of welds and the design of the frame legs determine the stiffness and the durability of the entire unicycle. All forces necessary to brake act on this area (including disc brake mounting tabs and frame legs) and the braking forces applied develop here high temperatures. If the frame is not strong enough, vibrations develop which compromise the effectiveness of braking and with the overheating action can lead to an early and unexpected breakage of the frame.


All Mad4One cranks are made from forged AL-7075-T6 alloyed aluminum, also called ERGAL. This alloy has excellent mechanical capabilities including high strength, good toughness and excellent  resistance to fatigue. To take advantage of all these benefits, just pay attention to few important aspects: grease the threads of the pedals and be sure to double check that the pedals are well tight. (tighten the pedals strongly). In particular, pedals with a steel axle mounted on aluminum cranks must be greased and tightened very well. Did you know that the greatest stress occurs at the moment of take-off? The pre-hop technique is the one that gives the best results in height, but also the greatest stress on the wheel. Also check the tightness between cranks and hub and if you feel that something is wrong with your pedals, stop pedaling and tighten the screws well. A loose pedal can damage your crank arm threads beyond repair.


All our aluminum parts are anodized in Italy. The broad-based benefits of the anodized finish satisfy most of the factors that must be considered when selecting a high performance aluminum finish: durability, color stability, excellent abrasion and corrosion resistance, aesthetics (unlike other finishes, anodizing allows the aluminum to maintain its metallic appearance.) and, last but not least, anodizing is compatible with today's environmental concerns. Modern architectural anodizing plants are capable of responding to the most stringent environmental standards with full chemical recycling and a large recovery of waste water. Anodizing does not require environmentally sensitive pre-treatment like chromating. The anodizing process does not produce CO2 or solvent emissions.

This Aluminum mountain unicycle offers a true advantage for downhill and cross-country. With its high quality frame made of advanced-grade aluminum alloy, the rich basket of options as regards saddle, cranks, pedals and tires, the wheel hand built by us in our laboratory and the wide range of disk brake systems (2 or 4 pistons) at different price points and for different riding styles, you have a new level of efficiency, durability and mountain handling to help you aim for the podium.

The Mad4One Flick Flock mountain unicycle family carries the name of the standard ISIS Flick Flock hub designed and manufactured by Mad4One, with a button on the central axis that lets you switch from normal fixed gear 1:1 to freewheel.

1 Traditional saddle or Handle Saddle

An innovative option is for sure the Handle Saddle. Born in 2017 the Handle Saddle is the new generation saddle developed by Mad4One. Excellent in solidity, lightness and stiffness, the Handle Saddle ensures full control of your unicycle, thanks to the formidable handling and great reliability it offers on challenging trails and steep downhills. Combined with the Mad-Extension it offers the possibility to customize the position of your hands.

2 Unbreakable Seatpost

The 40 cm one piece 3D forged Mad4One XXL is the longest and strongest seatpost of ever. The higher part of the tube is double butted to avoid any breakage. The saddle holder is inclined by two degrees and can be used in both directions.

3 Great tightness with the 3B Double Clamp

One of the most common problems is the saddle that moves when you ride. The Mad4One one piece CNC machined 3B double clamp is an innovative solution that securely locks the seatpost and frame together.

7 Flick Flock ISIS Hub on a handbuilt wheel

The wheel mounts the Mad4One Flick Flock ISIS hub with a button on the central axis that lets you switch from normal fixed gear 1:1 to freewheel.
All the wheels of our unicycles are handbuilt by us in our laboratory and arranged in a 4X spoke pattern. This means that every spoke intersects four others between the hub and the rim. Crossing the spokes over helps them handle the pedalling braking torque being transmitted from the hub to the rim. The 4X lacing pattern requires a more accurate and expensive assembly process, that, combined with the high quality components used, ensures a much better durability and resistance of the wheel.

4 A wide range of Shimano disc brake systems

There's a massive variety of performance across the spectrum we offer, from the first option we propose, good in what it does and comparable in quality to the disc brake systems you usually find on the best known mountain unicycles available on the market, to the more powerful ones, up to the 4-piston braking systems, which offers excellent modularity and superior stopping power in all conditions, instilling great downhill confidence and control.

5 The frame, stiff, stable and reliable, born from competition

The round Mad4One frames are made from aluminum alloy AL7005-T6, that compared to the more common AL6061-T6 has a greater load resistance (+ 12%) and a higher fatigue resistance (+56%). Furthermore, we paid great attention to the diameter-thickness ratio of the tubes and to all details such as the double disc-brake mounting tabs welded to the frame and the double hydraulic brake hose guides.

6 ISIS cranks, the ony ones made from ERGAL AL7075-T6

All aluminum cranks mounted on our mountain unicycles are 100% compatible with any ISIS-hub. They are the only cranks on the market made of AL7075-T6 aluminum alloy. The most important benefit of this alloy is its high resistance to stress and strain (AL-6061 does not have the same high strength). AL-7075-T6, tradename ERGAL (the best of all conventional aluminum alloys), is an alloy of aluminum and zinc, which is mainly used in aviation, especially in structural parts, and in competition, especially in car and motorcycle racing. From a mechanical point of view, ERGAL 7075-T6 is by far the strongest aluminum alloy.

The Mad4One Flick Flock Mountain Unicycles in action

We are often identified for the rich variety of colors and possible combinations we offer, but our main identity is that of design engineers who pay great attention to functionality and stability. Why the colors? Because the unicycle is also fun and passion, if it’s monotonous and without personality what pleasure is it?






FRAME SIZE S: 26" X 2.50

FRAME SIZE M: 29" X 2.50

FRAME SIZE L: 27.5" X 3.80 and 29" X 3.25 and 32" x 2.25



Welded - anodized
Aluminum  AL-7005-T6


ISIS – Forged and CNC machined – anodized
Aluminum  AL-7075-T6 (ERGAL)


Material: hardened Chromium molybdenum steel CrMo-4130 and ERGAL AL-7075-T6 aluminum.
Bearing pitch: 100 mm.
Bearing diameter: 42 mm.
Type of mountable cranks: standard ISIS.


MAD4ONE XXL 27.2 mm
Forged in one piece - Anodized
Aluminum AL-6061-T6


CNC machined - Anodized


Pinned - Anodized
Aluminum AL-6061-T6


14G – Black


Brass Nickel Plated - Silver


Welded - Anodized
Aluminum AL-6061-T6

The frame: which size is the right one for me?

If we add the height of the frame to the thickness of the saddle and the length of the cranks, we have our  "minimum leg length". Here we are talking about the B-value of our unicycle.

The wheel: which size for your frame?

After having defined the right frame size for you, be it a URC or a Mad4One mountain unicycle, you need to know which wheel sizes can be mounted on that frame. The aluminum frame is available in 3 sizes and the URC in 4 different sizes.

Some important measures to avoid mistakes

What is the right saddle height? How do I measure my leg length? How do I calculate how long my seat tube should be? These are some of the questions we ask ourselves when we start configuring our new unicycle.

First I read the instructions to assemble my unicycle

I have just received my new unicycle and first I carefully read the assembly instructions I found in the box. This information is useful not only for the assembly phase, but also for the correct use and maintenance of my unicycle over time.

How to use the Mad4One ISIS Flick Flock Hub

To switch we must first take the pressure off the pedals. To change from Fixed to Freewheel, you have to press the right switch button, start pedaling without applying pressure on the pedals and imagining that you are already in freewheel mode. Some practice must be done to get the right co-ordination between pedaling and the moment to hit the button with the wheel.

How to mount the Mad4One ISIS Flick Flock Hub

The FlickFlock can be used as a normal ISIS hub with 36 spokes. Since the outer shell and the flanges are made of AL7075-Ergal aluminum, the risk of damaging the flanges with overuse or incorrect assembly is higher than with hubs with steel flanges. For long-lasting use and to ensure greater stability, it is required to lace the wheel 4-cross.

What are the differences between the various sizes of the mountain unicycles?

Our smallest mountain unicycle wheel is a 20” called Mini-Muni. The Mini-Muni is the perfect mountain unicycle for young riders, small but powerful, with all the features of our bigger wheels. Following the Mini-Muni, there are two intermediate sizes, the 24" and the 26". Lightweight and easy to control, they are the perfect size for young boys and girls who are still growing. Finally, we have the classic 27.5", the best choice for Downhill (DH) lovers, and the 29”, perfect for Cross-Country (XC).

The brake on the unicycle is used differently from how it is used on the bicycle

The main purpose of the bicycle brake is to reduce the speed of the bicycle or to prevent it from moving. On the unicycle, the brake is used to regulate speed and to keep control when riding downhill even at high speed. It is therefore easy to get used to "keep on pulling the brake lever" even just with light pressure, on long down-hills. This light and prolonged use of the brake is a mistake that can cost you.

Let's extend our Handle Saddle ... here is the MAD-Extension

A saddle that can be adjusted both in inclination and extension allows weight to be distributed, improving comfort, especially over long distances. There are various solutions on the market. The Mad-Extension is the right one if you already have or wish to have the Mad4One Handle Saddle. There are 2 mounting systems available: the standard Mad4One and the URSLI.

WRC Replica and Montagna, what is so special about these two setups?

WRC stands for World Champion.  It is a working replica of the 27.5" mountain unicycle that Florian Rabensteiner, the undisputed Muni world champion, used in DH competitions at UNICON 2016 and 2018. MONTAGNA is a setup that we propose only for the URC line, with wheel sizes of 26”, 27.5” and 29”.This unicycle already includes the best options as regards hub, cranks, rim and tire.

The Handle Saddle, the most light and durable unicycle saddle

The Handle Saddle is a new concept of saddle that Mad4One has brought on the market, with a weight nearly half of the one of a traditional saddle, however stiff and strong as a traditional saddle with a carbon base, compared to which it is still lighter. In the development of the Handle Saddle priority has been given to the "easy catch", the "easy handling" and the "freedom of movement". This is the Handle Saddle of Mad4one available in different sizes and finishes.

How we developed the Mad4One's aluminum and steel frames

The unicycle is the result of the choices made by the designer. There are many ways to design a mechanical detail, but only a few of them are the right ones. That's why some choices make the difference. Weight: it’s important, but if it's light and weak it's useless. The material: the Mad4One frames are built with more performing aluminum alloys than the common AL6061-T6. The URC frames are made from CrMo-4130 chromium-molybdenum steel, one of the best alloyed steel available on the market today. CrMo-4130 guarantees greater load resistance, lower specific weight and better tensile strength compared to the simplest steels alloyed with carbon. Compatibility of the components: it means freedom for you to upgrade and improve.

The Mad4One World Championship medal board

Mad4One is the TOP of the range for mountain unicycling. This is confirmed by the great results achieved by many Top Muni Riders around the world, who have won many World Champions on their Mad4One Munis. The "Mad4one medal table", which we are particularly proud of, is the list of the best results achieved by riders who have attended the last World Champions riding a Mad4One muni.

Disk brake with 2- or 4-pistons brake caliper?

The Shimano brake systems Deore M4100 and M6100 are now available in four-piston versions, too. It features the same tech as the two-piston version and looks nearly identical to the rest of Shimano's four-piston brakes, but it’s not the same. Mo´power mo' modulation are the main advantages you get from this new version.

2019 - Our Interviews with the Greatest Unicyclists of Ever

In 2019 Mad4One interviewed the greatest unicycle racers of all time, each one multiple champion in his specialty. They differs one from the other and come also from different countries all over the world, but they all have one element in common: the passion for unicycling. Whether it's freestylers like Katrine Jensen, Kaito Shoji and Ryan Olfers, great sprinters like Niklas Wojtek, Leonie and Alina Czimek, experts in hockey like the Swiss national Hockey Team, talented urban riders like Pierre Sturny or downhillers like Ben Soja and Florian Rabensteiner:  they are all among the TOP of the unicycling world, but that's not all. They are also concrete models of passion, discipline and tenacity. Speaking of Mountain unicycling here is the interview with Florian Rabensteiner, one of the most decorated Muni riders on the planet, and the interview with Ben Soja, the only unicyclist who has succeeded in Everesting to date.

Florian Rabensteiner is an Italian Expert-Muni-Rider and one of the Top-Riders of the Mad4One Team. Since many years is Florian at the top of all national and international ranks in Downhill, Cross-Country, Uphill and Cyclocross and is one of the most decorated muni-riders on the planet. But, before meeting him, letßs take a look at his results: since 2014 he is unbeaten World Champion in Downhill, gold medal at Unicon XVII Montreal, World Champion in 2016 at Unicon XVIII Donostia, and again gold medal in 2018 at Unicon XIX Ansan. Also in Uphill is Florian always on the podium.

In 2011 Ben had a serious wrist injury and had to giv up many hobbies. But, as he says: "...Injuries can often create new perspectives and possibilities! I started riding muni. It turned out that unicycling was so much fun that I stuck with it. With all the great unicycle-related experiences I’ve had over the last few years, I would not change anything!". Ten years later, he is still riding muni at a very high level. Ben speaks about his experience as muni-rider in the United States, and tell us how a passion can fill your soul.