20" Unicycle for Freestyle ISIS - Mad4One Freestyle 90 - the TOP in Freestyle *Required step

The Mad4One Freestyle 90 is the number 1 for Freestyle. Square-shaped frame made from aluminum alloy AL-6069-T6, seat post XXL 27.2mm, MAD-Tecno SIS 90mm hub and MAD-Tecno or Made in Italy ISIS cranks, 20-inch wheel. This is the Mad4One's Top of the range unicycle for freestyle fully customizable. You can choose the standard configuration we propose, or basically change everything from color to components such as saddle, rim, cranks, pedals, clamp and tire. Build your own customized dream freestyle. 








Whether for the World Championship or a personal challenge, what unites these athletes is not their level or the medals they’ve won, but their dreams, desires and strength to pursue their goal and overcome any obstacle. It is for and with formidable girls and boys like them that we developed and go on improving the best unicycles for freestyle paying great attention to performance, quality and innovation. With our MAD-Freestyle we offer you the tool you need to achieve your dreams, transmit your  passion and share your emotions.



The square-shaped Mad4One frames are made of aluminum alloy AL6069-T6, which differs from the common AL6061-T6 in the following aspects: superior resistance to deformation up to +30%, greater load resistance and greater load resistance in presence of corrosion. Light, however stiff and strong, the MAD-Freestyle is the best choice for a long lasting unicycle. The 27.2 mm seatpost and the 31.8 mm vertical tube make this frame much more stiff and stable than the ones with smaller diameters. The most critical point of the unicycle frame is the junction between vertical tube and crown. The MAD frame has a triple butted reinforced vertical tube that gives extra rigidity and strength to the entire structure. On all our frames, both in steel and aluminum, it is not necessary to mount a very long seatpost to increase stiffness and stability, it is enough to insert the seatpost only 10-15 cm to ensure the best robustness. All the excess seatpost part is useless and it is just extra weight you carry with you.


The MAD-freestyle frames offer a larger flat crown to ensure high comfort, control and hold, without interfering with the calf. Stand-up and coasting tricks become much easier. Perfect round edges of the frame make your foot gesture really smooth and fluid. The terms "90" and "100" identify the width in mm of the hub that can be mounted on a frame. This defines also the distance between the pedals and this dimension is measured from bearing center to bearing center. The MAD-Freestyle 90 has been designed to grant the right distance between crown (the flat surface where you place your foot) and the tire 20x1.75 and/or 20x1.95. The MAD-Freestyle 100 has been designed for taller freestylers and for 20 x 2.1 tires, although many Experts prefer to mount on this frame the Mad4One 20 x 1.75 tire. MAD-Freestyle 90 or 100? The choice is very subjective and depends on your style and the tricks you love to perform.


All our aluminum parts are anodized in Italy. The broad-based benefits of the anodized finish satisfy most of the factors that must be considered when selecting a high performance aluminum finish: durability, color stability, excellent abrasion and corrosion resistance, aesthetics (unlike other finishes, anodizing allows the aluminum to maintain its metallic appearance.) and, last but not least, anodizing is compatible with today's environmental concerns. Modern architectural anodizing plants are capable of responding to the most stringent environmental standards with full chemical recycling and a large recovery of waste water. Anodizing does not require environmentally sensitive pre-treatment like chromating. The anodizing process does not produce CO2 or solvent emissions. Last but not least, the MAD-Freestyle can also be customized in color, all the aluminum parts can be anodized in the 14 made in Italy colors we offer.

The MAD-Freestyle is the Top-of-the-range for Freestyle and offers also a true advantage for X-Style. Its high quality frame made of advanced-grade aluminum alloy, the shape refined in all details, such as the large flat crown, the triple butted reinforced vertical tube and the perfect round edges, in addition to the rich basket of options as regards cranks and pedals and the wheel hand built by us in our laboratory offer you a new level of control and riding precision. This is confirmed by the great results achieved by many Top Freestylers who have won since 2014 many World Champions on their MAD-Freestyle.

1 The Mad4One SLIM saddle

In freestyle the saddle plays an important role. In many tricks we need to hold it in our hand and it helps us to execute our trick. We’ve designed our freestyle saddles to offer and easy hand grip, even with small hands, and we’ve decided to have the handle without hole to guarantee greater finger safety. The Mad4One SLIM saddle is available in black and white.

3 Great tightness with the 3B Double Clamp

One of the most common problems is the saddle that moves when you ride. The Mad4One one piece CNC machined 3B double clamp is an innovative solution designed by Mad4One that securely locks seatpost and frame together.

5 In Freestyle it's important to have a light wheel

In freestyle a light, but strong and reliable wheel makes the difference. Lightweight wheels accelerate faster than heavy ones and this helps when you’re off from a stop. Lighter wheels also decelerate faster. Tire an rim determine the weight of the wheel of the unicycle. The Mad4One 20” Freestyle tire is very light, rigid and can be inflated at really high pressure. As Kristina Ratzka says: “ … I've the feeling that with this tire I can both jump well and make a good Gliding. However, the biggest benefit I've got with this tire is that it's the fastest tire I've tried so far!..”. The rim is the second element that determines the lightness of the wheel. The MAD-Mirror-17 is a very light and stiff rim, it’s the one mounted on the MAD-Freestyles of the World Freestyle Champions of the last UNICONs. In recent years we have added a second option: the MAD-Round-32, equal in weight to the MAD-Mirror, but even more robust. Last, but not least, the hub: if you mount the Mad4One made in Italy you have a drastically lighter ISIS hub (approx. half the weight of the MAD-Tecno). We made it from Ergal AL7075-T6 aluminum alloy and CNC machined from solid (one piece). You find it as option in the most advanced setups of our Freestyle and Race unicycles.

2 Unbreakable Seatpost

The 40 cm one piece 3D forged Mad4One XXL is the longest and strongest seatpost of ever. The higher part of the tube is double butted to avoid any breakage. The saddle holder is inclined by two degrees and can be used in both directions.

4 The frame, stiff, stable and reliable, born from competition

Better material always means longer life, as well as more stiffness and better performance. The square-shaped Mad4One frames are made from aluminum alloy AL6069-T6 that differs from the common AL6061-T6 in the following aspects: superior resistance to deformation up to +30%, greater load resistance and greater load resistance in presence of corrosion. But that’s not all. Shape and thickness of the tubes play an important role, too. The square frames have an interlocking depth of 22 mm (the point where the vertical tube interlocks the flat crown). Through experience we learned that if we decrease the interlocking depth the exerted strains at that point become so great that they compromise the durability and often also the stiffness of the part. With lower interlocking depth we significantly reduce the life of the frame and run the risk that the frame will suddenly break at that spot.

6 All our wheels are hand built

The wheels mounted on our unicycles are all hand built by us in our laboratory and arranged in a 4X spoke pattern. The term “pattern” indicates the number of intersections that a spoke makes before reaching the rim. In a 4 cross-pattern wheel every spoke intersects four others between the hub and the rim. Crossing the spokes over helps them handle the pedaling braking torque being transmitted from the hub to the rim. The 4X lacing pattern requires an accurate and more expensive assembly process, that combined with the high quality components used, ensures a much better durability and resistance of the wheel.

7 A wide range of ISIS cranks, from 60 mm to 105 mm, all made from ERGAL AL7075-T6

All aluminum cranks mounted on our unicycles are 100% compatible with any ISIS-hub and are made from forged ERGAL aluminum alloy AL7075-T6. The most important advantages of this alloy are  its high mechanical characteristics. For example the yielding strength of AL-6061 is 140 N / mm2 while AL-7075 has a yield strength of 520 N / mm2, which makes this high quality alloy widely used in aerospace applications. For the MAD-Freestyle we offer a wide range of cranks, from the very short 60 mm, ideal for acquiring great control and mastery in training, to the classic 80, 90 or even 105 mm. Two product lines are available: the Made in Italy cranks, super light and refined in shape, and the MAD-Tecno, super strong and with an excellent and large foot surface.

Usually in freestyle the unicycle is preferred in a neutral color. The colors most chosen for the frame are silver, slate gray or in some cases black. This makes the unicycle easy to combine with the colors of the costume and with the unicycles of our freestyle group. But some freestylers have decided to add a signature feature such as a light blue or red rim with the seatpost clamp of the same color, that recall the colors of the club they belong to or simply because they want to make their unicycle more unique.











MAD-FREESTYLE 90: 20" X 1.95

MAD-FREESTYLE 100: 20" X 2.30 or 20" x 2.60



Welded - anodized
Aluminum  AL6069-T6


ISIS – Forged and CNC machined – anodized
Aluminum  AL7075-T6 (ERGAL)

ISIS - Made in Italy
CNC machined from solid part (single piece) - Anodized
Aluminum ERGAL AL7075-T6


One piece hub - CNC machined
Chromium molybdenum steel CrMo-4130

CNC machined from solid part (single piece) - Anodized
Aluminum ERGAL AL7075-T6


MAD4ONE XXL 27.2 mm
Forged in one piece - Anodized
Aluminum AL6061-T6


CNC machined - Anodized
Aluminum  AL6061-T6


Pinned - Anodized
Aluminum AL6061-T6


14G – Silver


Brass Nickel Plated - Silver

The frame: which size is the right one for me?

If we add the height of the frame to the thickness of the saddle and the length of the cranks, we have our  "minimum leg length". Here we are talking about the B-value of our unicycle.

Some important measures to avoid mistakes

What is the right saddle height? How do I measure my leg length? How do I calculate how long my seatpost should be? These are some of the questions we ask ourselves when we start configuring our new unicycle.

First I read the instructions to assemble my unicycle

I have just received my new unicycle and first I carefully read the assembly instructions I found in the box. This information is useful not only for the assembly phase, but also for the correct use and maintenance of my unicycle over time.

MAD-Freestyle and Iron-Mad: Aluminum vs Steel

The current version of the Iron-Mad and the Mad-Freestyle is the result of the experiences and successes gathered since 2013, that confirm the goodness of the improvements and optimizations we've been able to implement.  Thanks to this research and development process these two unicycles now rank first in terms of stability, quality and wheel components. But let's look at them in detail ...

The Iron-Mad and the 3 Setups: Basic, Elite and Expert

The Iron-Mad Basic is the right choice for those who already know how to ride a unicycle and now have decided to approach this specialty: the Freestyle. For this reason they do not want to spend too much at the beginning. The Iron-Mad is a freestyle of quality and differs from the Elite Version in the hub-cranks system. It mounts cotterless cranks, which are cheaper, having however their limits;  the Elite mounts ISIS hub and cranks. The Expert Setup differs from the Elite only in the type of cranks. Here we mount the ISIS MAD-Tecno, made from aluminum AL7075-T6 (ERGAL).

It’s the first time I inflate the tire of my freestyle. How should I do it?

While the majority of you will almost certainly know how to inflate the tire on your bicycle, it’s another of those simple tasks, like changing an inner tube that can seem pretty confusing to a beginner. The tire is shipped flat for safety reasons, especially if sent by plane. When you take the wheel out of the box it might look like you see in the enclosed photo. You must place the tire in the right position before you start inflating the wheel. Pay attention to the position of the valve, it must be perpendicular to the rim.

How to remove the tire and the inner tube of your MAD-Freestyle

To do this job correctly just follow these few and simple steps. Deflate tire completely, even a small amount of air left in the tube can make it more difficult to get the tire off. For best results press downward on wheel while deflating the tire. Push one bead of tire toward rim center. The tire bead will be pressed tight against rim. Pushing it inwards loosens the bead from the rim. Do this on the same side all around the diameter of the rim.

How we developed the Mad4One aluminum and steel frames and the reasons of our choices

The unicycle is the result of the choices made by the designer. There are many ways to design a mechanical detail, but only a few of them are the right ones. That's why some choices make the difference. The weight: it’s important, but if the resulting product is light and weak it's useless. The material: the Mad4One frames are made from a more performing aluminum alloys than the common AL6061-T6, and the steel frames are made with CrMo 4130 chromium-molybdenum steel, an alloy that guarantees greater performances compared to unalloyed steel. Compatibility of the components: it means freedom for you to update and improve.

MAD-Freestyle 90 or 100? Here what Katrine Jensen and Ryan Olfers have chosen

Katrine Jensen, 2 times world champion in individual freestyle and X-Style (Unicon 2012 and 2014) and Ryan Olfers, 3 times world champion (Unicon 2014, 2016 and 2018) in individual freestyle, have been using for years with great success the MAD-Freestyle. This is why one prefers the MAD-Freestyle 100 while the other prefers the 90.

The German Champion Kristina Ratzka tells the reasons why she has swiched to the MAD-Freestyle

July 2020 - the successful freestyle rider Kristina Ratzka had the great idea of opening a unicycle school on YouTube. Said and done, the Unicycle School was built in a very short time. Since then, numerous tutorials for beginners and advanced freestylers have been put online. In this video Kristina explains why she switched to the MAD-Freestyle and what she particularly likes about our unicycle. We are very happy about this feedback and are sure that this video can also help you in the choice of your freestyle unicycle.

The MAD-Freestyle: from the birth to the today's version

In 2013 we start with the development of our unicycle for Freestyle. Over the years we have built various constructive versions: the first was the glued one. It was excellent in the performance but the costs were too high to pass to series prodution. With the glued MAD-Freestyle Kaito Soji became in 2014 World Champion in Pair Expert and Vice World Champion in Individual Expert at UNICON XVII. The screw assembled version followed. It was even more valid from a structural point of view, but required a high-precision machining of all components for optimal assembly. With this unicycle Ryan Olfers becomes World Champion in individual Freestyle in 2016 at UNICON XVIII.

The Mad4One Medal Board

Mad4One is the TOP of the range for freestyle. This is confirmed by the great results achieved by many Top Freestyle Riders around the world, who have won many World Champions on their MAD-Freestyle. Also in 2018 at Unicon Ansan-Korea, the MAD-Freestyle climbed the highest podium with the winners of gold, silver and bronze in the individual male Expert. Here's the Mad4one medal table, of which we are particularly proud, with the best results achieved by riders who have attended the last World Champions riding a Mad4One unicycle.

2019 – Our Interviews with the Greatest Freestyle Riders

In 2019 Mad4One interviewed the greatest unicycle racers of all time, each one multiple champion in his specialty. They differs one from the other and come also from different countries all over the world, but they all have one element in common: the passion for unicycling. Whether it's freestylers like Katrine Jensen, Kaito Shoji and Ryan Olfers, great sprinters like Niklas Wojtek, Leonie and Alina Czimek, experts in hockey like the Swiss national Hockey Team, talented urban riders like Pierre Sturny or downhillers like Ben Soja and the most decorated muni-rider Florian Rabensteiner:  they are all among the TOP of the unicycling world, but that's not all. They are also concrete models of passion, discipline and tenacity.

Great athletes perform extremely well in the “right – now moment” .., and every time Kaito went on stage was his “right – now moment” and he always performed exceptionally well. Since the beginning he has fully mastered two different specialties. What he has been able to accomplish in Freestyle has been monumental, but that's not all, he has been also one of the best unicyclists in the world in track speed. Kaito Shoji, the tentime Unicon Gold Medalist and World Champion, is the concrete example of what Pietro Mennea (the best sprinter Italy has ever had) once said: “Talent is not enough to become a World Champion, you need also a lot of passion, determination and ambition”.

Katrine Jensen had the talent to become a successful freestyler and she combined her talent with training, physical strength and endurance in order to compete at the highest levels. For two years in a row Katrine has been World Champion in individual freestyle and X-Style (2014 Unicon Montreal and 2016 Unicon San Sebastian). Someone said: “A champion in sports is a champion in life, too”. Is it right for you?. Katrine answers:”In some way I think that it may be right. I do believe that we all have something that we are natural good at, and something that we find more challenging and difficult. I’m a competitive unicyclist and this has taught me a lot of things that I’ve had good use of in many other aspects of my life”.

In this very pleasant interview with Ryan Olfers, the 2-times World Champion and 1-time Vice-World Champion in individual freestyle Expert, we’ve understood what this sport means for him and why he loves it so much: the freedom to do, to create, to show others what you love most and for which you have worked hard. All this being fully aware of the fact that:”…the most important thing is that I’m enjoying every single second I spend on the stage, because it’s an opportunity that you never should take for granted…”. It’s always exciting to hear an athlete saying:”this sport means the world to me”. Two very simple words, that make us understand the greatness of Ryan’s passion for this sport.

Even in unicycling we often find fantastic coaches who train great athletes. Yes, this time we have decided to look at our sport from a different perspective, the one of the trainer. Aaron Widlak always provides his group with new stimulus and motivations to grow, to improve and to give always their best. And the results arrive: 2016, 2018 and 2019, his DJK Adler 07 freestyle group won the title of German Champion! In this interview Aaron tells us how he manages to keep the motivation of his freestylers always at the highest level, where his creativity comes from, and what he loves most about this sport.

“Freestyle is my passion because for me, freestyle combines everything that makes out of a sport a good sport. I can train, execute tricks, achieve my limits and go further, I can give space to my creativity and measure my skills with other freestylers…. What I love most is that you never stop learning. There is always something to try. I also find the combination of trick, music and presentation awesome! It's a pleasure to show to the audience what you can do and see the enthusiasm in their eyes”. Here’s how Kathi Boll, Vice-World Champion in Freestyle (Unicon 2014 and 2016) and Freestyle Champion at the German Championships 2009, 2010, 2011, 2014, 2015 and 2017 has replied to one of the various questions we’ve put herdurint this interesting interview.